Steven Wolterman
Steve Wolterman,
President/Owner of 1031 Federal Exchange
Attorney, President/Owner of Wolterman Law Office

1031 Total Exchange Services

Our experienced and successful team of tax and business professionals provides 1031 exchange services nationwide. We have a comprehensive understanding of the 1031 exchange rules and know that providing top-rated 1031 exchange services goes beyond the single transaction to provide a business strategy essential to our real estate savvy clients.

At 1031 Federal Exchange, our team handles all types of exchanges, nationwide and abroad, from forward exchanges to reverse exchanges, construction exchanges, and even exchanges safely structured outside normal deadlines.

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Why Choose 1031 Federal Exchange?

Successful exchanges are contingent upon diligent adherence to strict deadlines and provisions, as well as extensive real estate and tax law experience. We have the knowledge and expertise to handle even the most complex transactions, and provide our clients with:

  • An analysis of their current tax situation
  • A comprehensive tax and business strategy
  • Assistance with restructuring real estate assets, entities, and partnerships to maximize tax benefits
  • Strategy to reduce overall tax and financial costs to reach their business goals

1031 Federal Exchange handles every type of real estate exchange across the country, from initial tax strategy, exchange management, tax compliance, tax opinions, and consulting. Whether you are selling real estate property first, buying first, or a combination of the two, you can be confident that our highly qualified team will provide you with personal attention, safety, and security you need for your real estate investments and to build your portfolio.

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